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Multi Business Management Software

With one click of a second, all kinds of activities of your business, income-expenditure, profit-loss, investment, any kind of account including employee’s salary will appear in front of your eyes. At the same time, you can view your business activities from anywhere in the world through a PC, tab, or mobile internet. We offer 2 months of free service facility and customer care service in the lifetime licensed software.


Business management software can be used for:

  • Restaurant, department store and chain shop, medicine or pharmacy.
  • Trading, warehouse, and distribution companies.
  • Electronics or computer, mobile, and parts importing or buying and selling company.
  • Travel agency, tour operator, manpower export.
  • Construction materials (rod, cement, tiles, marble, granite).
  • Medicine buying-selling establishments, clinics, and diagnostic centers.
  • Publishing house, printing press, book-stationery distribution.
  • Clothing, cosmetics, jewelry, wholesale/retailer.